Severe oil spill in the Arctic Circle

The year 2020 has been following the plot line of a badly written dystopian novel. So far we have experienced a global pandemic, mixed with a highly choreographed and styled space launch. At the same time, in United States, there is this collective rage and despair due to the tragic loss of lives in resulting from police brutality and systemic and pervasive racism. In addition to all of this, I came across a news article alerting me to a large oil spill in a river in the Arctic circle. An article published by BBC News states that 20,000 tonnes of diesel oil was spilled near the city of Norilsk within the Arctic circle. Another article by BBC news mentions that the Ambarnaya River bore the brunt of the spill. This news is troubling for many reasons. Both articles allude that the clean-up process for this spill would be very complex. In addition to that, a 2014 article published by the Guardian called attention to the pollution problem in Norilsk, naming it one of the most heavily polluted areas on Earth. The oil spill was caused due a fuel tank collapsing at a plant owned by a subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel, the same company linked to the pollution problem described in the Guardian article published four years ago.


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